Tesla’s New Semi-Truck Showcased in Exclusive Jay Leno’s Garage Video

In an exclusive video featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, Tesla’s new Semi-Truck takes the spotlight. The video showcases Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Tesla’s Senior Manager of Semi-Truck Engineering Dan Priestley as they give a detailed overview of the truck’s features and capabilities. The Tesla Semi-Truck has been designed with the goal of revolutionizing the trucking industry and reducing environmental impact. With its ability to tow heavy loads without compromising driver experience and its focus on cost savings and improved efficiency compared to traditional diesel trucks, the Tesla Semi-Truck aims to attract fleet customers and change the way goods are transported.

The design of the Tesla Semi-Truck prioritizes comfort, safety, and aerodynamics. Drawing inspiration from high-speed trains, the truck utilizes advanced aerodynamic features to optimize airflow and improve fuel efficiency. In addition to its innovative design elements, the Tesla Semi-Truck also offers a smooth and quiet driving experience, regenerative braking for increased energy capture, and Tesla-like controls and UI elements. With its competitive pricing and lower operating costs, the Tesla Semi-Truck is ready to revolutionize the trucking industry and pave the way for a cleaner and more efficient future of transportation.


The introduction to Tesla’s new semi-truck and its exclusive showcase in Jay Leno’s Garage highlights the significance of this groundbreaking vehicle in the automotive industry. Tesla’s mission to clean up the world through electric vehicles is at the core of the development of their semi-truck.

Advantages of Electric Trucks

Electric trucks offer numerous advantages in terms of cost savings and environmental impact. The lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance requirements make electric trucks a more financially viable option for fleet customers. Additionally, the total cost of ownership for electric trucks is a major selling point for businesses looking to maximize their profitability while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Teslas New Semi-Truck Showcased in Exclusive Jay Lenos Garage Video

Trucker’s Perspective

Initially skeptical, truckers quickly adopt electric trucks when they realize the benefits they offer. The different design features, with a focus on comfort and safety, make electric trucks appealing to truckers. The transition to electric trucks represents a paradigm shift in the trucking industry, and the ease of use and potential for increased comfort encourages more truckers to embrace this new technology.

Design and Features

The design of Tesla’s electric truck draws inspiration from high-speed trains, resulting in optimized aerodynamics and airflow. The rear-wheel drive configuration and regenerative braking system improve the efficiency and performance of the truck. These design choices showcase Tesla’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Teslas New Semi-Truck Showcased in Exclusive Jay Lenos Garage Video

Exterior Design

The exterior design of Tesla’s electric truck incorporates traditional door handles for ease of access. The unique teardrop shape and absence of a front grille distinguish the truck from conventional diesel-powered trucks. Safety features are integrated into the design, with plans to expand into sleeper cab versions in the future.

Interior Design

The interior of Tesla’s electric truck prioritizes comfort and functionality. The adjustable air suspension system ensures optimal ride height for various trailer heights and obstacles. The cabin features Tesla-like controls and an intuitive user interface, along with optimized visibility for navigating urban spaces. The comfortable driving experience and focus on safety contribute to increased driver satisfaction.

Teslas New Semi-Truck Showcased in Exclusive Jay Lenos Garage Video

Performance and Cost

Tesla’s electric truck offers a competitive price point and lower operating costs compared to traditional diesel trucks. Pilot testing and continuous improvement initiatives ensure that the truck meets the demands and expectations of truckers. Attracting new drivers is a key objective, and the ease of driving and smooth performance of the electric truck make it an appealing option for individuals entering the industry.

Battery and Charging

The specially designed battery pack and braking system of Tesla’s electric truck ensure optimal performance and longevity. The truck’s battery management system ensures reliable operation even in extreme weather conditions. Tesla is actively working on developing fast charging infrastructure to cater to the needs of electric truck owners.

Teslas New Semi-Truck Showcased in Exclusive Jay Lenos Garage Video

Future Outlook

Tesla firmly believes that electric vehicles, including electric trucks, will dominate the terrestrial transport industry. The impact on the trucking sector will be significant, with a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation. Tesla has plans for expanding its electric truck lineup and aims to revolutionize the trucking industry through its innovative technology and commitment to a more sustainable future.


In conclusion, Tesla’s new semi-truck represents a major milestone in the development of electric vehicles for the commercial trucking industry. The truck’s design and features optimize efficiency, comfort, and safety, making it an attractive option for fleet customers and truckers alike. Tesla’s commitment to its mission of clean transportation is evident in the development of its electric truck, and the future outlook for electric vehicles in the trucking sector is promising.

In an exclusive video on Jay Leno’s Garage, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Tesla’s Senior Manager of Semi-Truck Engineering Dan Priestley showcase Tesla’s new Semi-Truck. They bring the impressive vehicle to the garage, offering viewers a firsthand look at its features and capabilities. Don’t miss this exciting episode!

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